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Everyone is welcome to OpenArt, the art biennial in Örebro.

OpenArt is Örebro’s recurring art biennial, where contemporary art from across the globe comes together in the city centre and can be experienced without an entrance ticket. You encounter art while waiting for the bus, on your way to a café, or walking along the Svartån River.

This year’s exhibition examines both our inner selves and the public space, where the art confronts us with questions about democracy, freedom of speech and social structures. OpenArt 2024 invites conversations in which art becomes a way to approach politics, crises and conflicts, yet playfulness and escapes from reality also offer respite.

The ninth edition of the art biennial will be held from 15 June to 8 September 2024.

 A man and a woman are sitting on a park bench in an urban environment. A sculpture is placed on the backrest. A woman walks past in front of them. The sculpture is approximately 30-40 cm high and is made of tightly wrapped black textile.

The artwork cargo by Susanne Schmidt-Nielsen, OpenArt 2022.

OpenArt works to make contemporary art available to as many people as possible. Through its location in the public space, there is often the opportunity to experience the artworks from different directions, and at all hours of the day. OpenArt offers information about the exhibition and the artworks on the website and in the app in Swedish and English. In the OpenArt app, you will also find texts with audio and sign interpretation. Guided tours are offered during the exhibition in Swedish, English, Swedish sign language and with visual interpretation.

By train

From Örebro Central Station, it is 500 meters to Örebro Castle and the heart of the exhibition. From the Örebro Södra train station, you can easily get to the center and the southern parts of the exhibition.

By bus

From Örebro Central Station, it is 500 meters to Örebro Castle and the heart of the exhibition. In central Örebro, city buses run through the exhibition area. You can find the timetable in Länstrafiken's app or on Länstrafiken's website.

With car

There are more than 3,000 parking spaces in central Örebro. Near the seven large parking garages, there are digital boards that inform you of how many spaces are currently available. When the parking garages are closed (at night), the boards are switched off.

Here is a list of parking garages.


For more information about what you can do in Örebro, go to www.visitorebro.se

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