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Hugh Livingston

On a green lawn stand four white chairs decorated with lots of small black musical notes in various shapes.

At Örebro Castle, on the Castle Terrace, visitors are invited to participate both musically and physically in the composition. Livingston invites us to settle down in a group of chairs, where the chair itself allows the deep resonances of the cello to flow through the body. From the chair come vibrations and music. Each chair has its own unique expressions and sounds, from the cello but also from wind, rain and birds. The flowing waters of the adjacent Svartån River serve as accompaniment. The eight chairs represent a string ensemble in intimate interplay. Each chair is decorated with notes. The artist gives us insight into the innermost essence of chamber music.

Artwork: Conversation Pieces

Artist: Hugh Livingston

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Material: Chairs, sound

Location: The castle terrace

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