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Håkan Lidbo

A sunny day at the pedestrian crossing to Hamnmagasinet. The green old man lights up and the posts with push buttons are in focus, in which Håkan Lidbo's sound works are presented.

Foto: Sofie Isaksson

Lidbo’s musical pedestrian crossings aim to improve safety and awareness for both the visually impaired and the sighted, with music that is synchronized with the clicks in the call boxes. At OpenArt, the music has been composed to match – and improve – the acoustic characteristics of two pedestrian crossings. The usual clicks are heard when the light is red, and the music plays at 60 bpm. When the light turns green, the tempo is raised to 600 bpm. Bpm stands for beats per minute and is a measurement of the tempo of a musical composition.

Artwork: Musical Crosswalks


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Material: Sound

Location: Pedestrian crossing by Trädgårdsgatan/Hamnplan & Trädgårdsgatan/Oskarsparken

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