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Mandala Perrier & Mandala Naya

Diane Landry

In a dark room stands a black stand with a light on it pointing at an object that looks like a tied plastic basket with plastic bottles attached to the outside. The light reflections turn into an mandala pattern that moves on the wall.

The mandala conveys beauty and harmony through its geometric and symbolic shapes. At OpenArt, the mandala is an ongoing process – contemplative, in continuous renewal. Landry’s work invites mediation and spirituality.

The starting point is the circle, and inspiration has been taken from Eastern religious traditions, in which the mandala represents the cosmos. Landry’s mandala arises in the meeting point between object and light, and the calm rotating mandala is projected on a wall. As is common in her art, Landry uses recycled objects. Here, it is plastic water bottles that form the spiritual symbol in poetic shadows.

Green and clear plastic bottles mounted upright on a laundry basket lid. The light in the room is aimed at the lid, which is mounted against a white wall where the bottles create a mandala pattern against the wall.

Artwork: Mandala Perrier & Mandala Naya


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Material: Installation

Location: Vågengalleriet

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