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Diane Landry

Outside at Järntorget, an old boat can be seen standing upright. On the sides of the boat, wooden wings stick out and on the top, white rustling fabric hangs down over half the boat in a material similar to pom pom balls fixed oblong.

"Boat Creature" is a sculpture that evokes an exciting ambiguity arising from the formal and gestural relationship with the animal kingdom, the human body and the invisible energy of the wind. The artwork invites visitors to independently animate two dancing arms – winged creatures, aquatic beasts, sweeping veils – and transform the common into a flying life buoy. Some will experience the exploitation of the oceans, plastic continents, sea transports, hybrid species or dream visions of whales. The vertical boat comes from an indefinite age. It hovers in time ready to lift off, to become a spaceship. The ship carries the past and the future, hopes and dreams. A possibility, a promise.

Artwork: Boat Creature


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Material: Installation

Location: Järntorget

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